Our Journey

One of the fondest memories I have of my Nanny is spending Christmas in her tiny kitchen, sipping fresh coconut milk directly from the fruit, then grating it to create one of our family's most favorite holiday treats: Nanny's Fresh Coconut Cake!  I suppose, that's where all this began!

As an architect student with a need to help pay for school, I began to wait tables in a local restaurant.  Suddenly, I was surrounded by lots of delectable treats again! My interest quickly grew beyond the dining room to the kitchen where those treats were being made.  (YUM!)  This great interest and diverse experience enabled me to travel the States, opening 16 corporate restaurants as trainer/manager before 2 restaurants of my own came to be.

In 1995, Cyn Shea's Complete Catering, Inc. opened as a "distinctively different" catering business that quickly built a reputation for being among the best in our field by providing exceptionally fresh and innovative foods!  Founded in Fayetteville, TN, our business was built on strong relationships with our clients, our community, and our expansive vendor network.  Our company expanded in 2002 to include an instantly popular 50-seat café in Hampton Cove, AL, and just 5 years later, we moved to downtown Huntsville in a much larger, casual-but-elegant bistro, offering Huntsville's only hand-made scratch bakery that has continued to grow alongside our community and friends.

By 2012, we had undergone another expansion to add an all new specialty cake line to our business.  (Naturally, Nanny's coconut cake recipe became one of the area's most sought after!)  But this time, we've added a fresh twist, a new spirit to the recipe of yesteryear.  Thus "Cyn Shea's Cynfully Delicious" was created.


415 Church Street, Suite E-5, Huntsville, AL 35801       Phone: (256) 88-CATER (256-882-2837)